Monday, May 24, 2010

VoIP Portable offers Free VoIP Calls Tricks

Toady, I will share a new free voip calls to my dear readers. That is 7 voip portable which are absolutely for free. You can make international free calls using any device no matter its PC, Regular Phones or Mobile Phones. Is it convinent?

But If you want to make calls in sort an unlimited time , that's not difficult , what you need is a little computer tricks. And let me tell you how to make it. We all know that the computer stores a record of all the activities that user performs in system. These activities are some times just stores in temporarily files and it also stores in system registry depending upon its importance to operating systems. We just need software to clean this registry. If registry will be cleared and computer connects to internet then it will not show any sign or trace. Hence, you will be considered as first time caller. By this way, you could make free calls again and agin! Is it amazing ?

So what are you waiting for?come on, this is time to enjoy free calls. what you need to do are just go visit to site, create your account which hardly takes less then a minute and start calling with 5 minutes free calls.

Don't worry if you have used up your 5 minutes free tial calls because because you can again clear your registry as what I told you above 7 portable programs are comes up with pre listed countries and quite handy to use and ready to call anywhere.

On one side you are using Internet at regular basis and style but why don’t you try other side by adding little tech and hack to make free VoIP calls. Just try to deal with this little idea and use 7 VoIP program along with registry cleaner precisely the way it’s explained. 7 VoIP is quite featured having list of countries on which you can figure out your destination.

Follow 3 easy steps to getting though 7 VoIP Portable free VoIP calls:

1. Download the application.
2. Create your account which hardly takes less then a minute.
3. Then start making free VoIP calls.

Points To Remember: The calls will hardly last longer upto 10 to 15 minutes varying upon types of service offer by service providers. But following the tricks keep on creating limitless account and deleting your registry trace. You can use this tricks to make unlimited calls world wide.

iCall Offers Free Calls To US And Canada

iCall has came up as a great Skype alternative which not only provides free VoIP calls to US and Canada but also came up with great voice quality and other cheap calling plans to various destinations across the entire globe.

Frankly speaking, you cannot consider iCall the entire sole alternative because there is lot more out there. But the matter of fact that iCall delivers lot more then others and that is the reason why iCall is posted exclusively as a Skype alternative. The best part of this service is that you can all to US and Canada absolutely free from any corner of the world. Calling from anywhere of the world is not some easy feature but the way iCall has propagated its network it becomes quite easier every one. You even call from the countries where traditional PSTN line lies such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.

Some Additional Information: iCall application has come up with some outstanding technology and fully capable to connect such as cable, DSL, Wireless and even dial-up. You can also connect your computer to telephone network without any difficulties. So if you are prepared with your Headphone which additionally includes MIC too then just CLICK to download the iCall application and start enjoying the movement of free VoIP calls.

Conclusion: iCall has being chosen Skype alternative from user all over the world. If you are new to voip then you should definitely try iCall atleast at once because it is great and you will like it.iCall Offers 240 minutes' Free VoIP Calling For Just 10 Euros.

More and more voip providers are coming to the world and for my dear readers,this time I will introduce you some information about which is offering 240 Minutes of calling in just 10 Euros. This fresh service has launched by Delmont Sarl (aka Betamax) and mostly includes many low rates calling schemes at varying destinations. This deal will let’s to make 240; if you convert it will be precisely 4 hrs of free online calling to the countries such as Iran, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Egypt Montenegro and Serbia in just little cost of 10 Euros. Remember: This deal will last longer only for 1 month.

How Works?

While playing 10 Euros you will be authorized for 4 hrs of calling which let’s say in minutes 240min. As mentioned above you got 7 destinations to choose. On other hand if you willing to call some other destination that are not includes in above 7 then you need to pay extra.

Let assume that you are going to use your 240 minutes for 10 days then the question arises that what you will do for rest of 20 days? Simply you will be charged additionally as per their terms and rates.

Egypt (Landline) $ 0.085
Egypt (Mobile) $ 0.093
Iran (Landline) $ 0.070
Montenegro (Landline) $ 0.116
Pakistan (Mobile) $ 0.062
Serbia (Landline) $ 0.070
Sri Lanka (Landline) $ 0.078
Ukraine (Landline) $ 0.078
May be some circumstances arise and you are not able to complete your 240 minutes then your minutes will be securely transferred to next month. You can use that balance to make calls either on PC to Phone or Phone to PC or Local Access Number and SIP Calling.

FreeVoipDeal SIP details are ::
SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Account name : your FreeVoipDeal username
Password : your FreeVoipDeal password
Stunserver (option) :

Make 30 minutes' free calls to Philippines Using Rebtel Voucher Code

Today, we'll share a very good free voip calls to Philippines. You know, from a long time there were not any nice free callplans for Philippines but thanks to Rebtel Voucher Code which lets everyone to make free 30 Minutes free voip calls to Philippines. As I have introduced before, Rebtel is one of the on going VoIP service providers due to its diligent service along with many free promotional and free trial calls. Though Rebtel has offer many free plans for the countries like Philippines but now again it came up with a new plan which definitely turns useful for everyone waiting for long time to try some free minutes to Philippines.

Make yourself clear that this offer is only available on new signup. So If you want to try this free service then be ready to signup following below giving easy process.

Steps of making free calls to philippines:
1. Click to visit official site and Signup a new account.
2. Choose the option “TRY NOW” button
3. Use the Voucher Code: philippines30 and fill the form.
4. Remember: Choose unique email ID which wasn’t tried on Rebtel.
5. So till after doing this process precisely and successfully you are registered and eligible to enjoy your 30 minutes of free Philippines calling.

Certain Important Points To Remember.

Make sure that the code you are entering should be only at the time of registration not after that.

Following are the countries on which Rebtel allowing registration:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hongkong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States. offers 60 Minutes' free International Calls

My dear readers, most of us have been familiar with voip calls because the number of voip users increased a lot in the past 2009 and Voip calls can really help us save much! And more and more new voip service providers are coming to us. I believe it's reaaly good to us.And is just one of them and I will tell you about YouCall a great VoIP service. includes some good offers and service which exclusively featured to its different types of users such as company, business person and an individual. A German based VoIP Company which handled by Gobber allowing 60 minutes of free trial calls to any destination across the world. Using this service you can make calls either from your landline or mobile phones to any other phone all over the world.

And YouCall is also very convinent to use by following the steps to make International calls :

1. Visit to official website and get registered.
2. Fill the form by providing your phone number and destination.
3. After completing the signup process they will send conformation email, just click and conform.
4. If you wan to enjoy 60 minutes of free call then make sure that you have entered your phone number and destination number where you can to call.
5. Check out for activation code you will watch appearing on your screen when you hit the call button. You cannot make free calls with entering activation code.

What's more, you can also use this service without have pc and internet connecting you manage to register yourself. If you have Goober widget installed your browser then you can view this site and you can also perform other activities like chat and file upload. YouCall also has Muti Client Messenger which you can either download in your mobile device or pc.

Sunday, May 23, 2010 offers 100% free calls

It's much easier to make free calls in 2010 because more and more companies begin to provides voip services. In order to make more people know their products, their offers free trial calls or even free calls for us to makre has been our old friend for years. But it's renewed this year.Similar like other service provider also includes some outstanding features and plans that will definitely help you a lot in making your calls more effectively and easily. If you are a business person or having friends and relatives far at international locations then a German based VoIPAX subsidiary will help you a lot. FreeBuzzer unusual style of service which requires no registration, download and not even a credit card. Quite similar like Evaphone just visit to the site and start calling. is a browser based VoIP calls service which provides free VoIP calls and apart form free the cheapest rates will save your lot’s of money which could be wasted in paying heavy phone call bills.

Just follow the step below to make free tril calls.

1. Go on and visit FreeBuzzer official site
2. Setup your incoming VoIP number.
3. Enter the number where you want to call.
4. Freebuzzer will connect calls to both you’re a caller number to make it free.

There are many benefits for joining up with FreeBuzzer because it offers free International calls and application too. This service is working in more then 42 countries which include some major countries like US, Europe and Canada. The most likely part of this service is that the customers can make free calls upto 3 minutes. The other great part of this service is that you can start calling either from phone to phone or setup instant messenger.

Make Free VoIP Calls through
Free Internet Calls to more than 40 Destinations! No download and no registration required! Just enter your Phone Number, the number of the person you wish to call and Freebuzzer will connect both phones absolutely free! Freebuzzer is the smart way to make short and free calls all over the world. You don't need to download anything, just use your browser to make Free Worldwide Internet Phone Calls!

Free Internet Phone Calls through
Free Phone Calls to Andorra, Free Phone Calls to Australia, Free Phone Calls to Austria, Free Phone Calls to Belgium, Free Phone Calls to Canada. Chile, Free Phone Calls to Cyprus, Free Phone Calls to Czech Republic, Free Phone Calls to Denmark, Free Phone Calls to Estonia, Free Phone Calls to Finland, Free Phone Calls to France, Free Phone Calls to Germany, Free Phone Calls to Gibraltar, Free Phone Calls to Guam, Free Phone Calls to Hong Kong, Free Phone Calls to Hungary, Free Phone Calls to Iceland, Free Phone Calls to Ireland, Free Phone Calls to Israel, Free Phone Calls to Italy, Free Phone Calls to Japan, Free Phone Calls to Korea South, Free Phone Calls to Malaysia, Free Phone Calls to Monaco, Free Phone Calls to Netherlands, Free Phone Calls to New Zealand, Free Phone Calls to Norway, Free Phone Calls to Panama, Free Phone Calls to Portugal, Free Phone Calls to Puerto Rico, Free Phone Calls to Singapore, Free Phone Calls to Spain, Free Phone Calls to Switzerland, Free Phone Calls to Taiwan, Free Phone Calls to United Kingdom, Free Phone Calls to United States

Qttel offers Free International Calls To 50 countries

Qttel is a great VoIP service based on China and offering calls around 50 countries worldwide. Thanks to this browser based service because you don’t even need to download any sort of application but you can start making free international calls just from official website itself. Furthermore, you can make unlimited free calls to the listed countries. It’s and easy service which can be adopted and used by any regular and irregular users. Just visit to a site and enter your phone number and other number where you wishing to calls and hit the call button and start talking. It’s outstanding.

But before falling to any conclusion better check out whether your country exist in these five countries where this service precisely works such as US, Canada, UK, Australia and Holland. If you just want to stick with incoming calls then you may feel little better because it can be received from any corner of the world. The most notice part is that the call is just limited to 5 minutes but if a question strikes in your mind that if your countries in not including in above mentioned 5 countries name and you still want to take the advantage of free calls then there is one solution. If your county doesn’t includes on free list then start using free incoming provided by this service and then when you get incoming number you can use Qttel widget to make free calls anywhere you want.

This is a great service with not advertisement before, after or during the calls, good sound quality that really gives you a good VoIP experience and you will be definitely lucky if your country includes in above five listed countries. There are many small and big companies out there taking the advantage of Qttel no only because it provides free VoIP calls but because it also gives qualitative service.